Urethane Coated and WB Urethane Coated Glass Yarns

Mar 17, 2021 Technical Yarns
Urethane-coated Glass Yarn
Urethane-coated Glass Yarn

Our mixed “reinforcing and protection” solution combining E-glass fibers strength properties with easy use and handling thanks to our polyurethane impregnating. Our Urethane Coated Glass Yarns reinforce the tensile strength of your cables, protect them against harmful animals and our WB option is the best barrier against water penetration. => monthly capacity 60 000kg

Urethane Coated and WB Urethane Coated Glass Yarns Characteristics

ITEMUCG 350UCG 650UCG 785UCG 1200WB UCG785
Max LoadMin 16kg.fMin 30kg.fMin 36kg.fMin 44kg.fMin 36kg.f
Force at 0.5% ElongationMin 2.0kg.fMin 4.5kg.fMin 6.5kg.fMin 6.8kg.fMin 6.5kg.f
Force at 1.0% ElongationMin 5.0kg.fMin 11.5kg.fMin 13.3kg.fMin 14.2kg.fMin 13.3kg.f
ModulusMin 5,000kg/mm2Min 5,000kg/mm2Min 5,000kg/mm2Min 5,000kg/mm2Min 5,000kg/mm2
Elongation at Break2.0%2.0%2.5%2.5%2.5%
Water AbsorptanceMin 200%

Spool Dimensions

UCG350UCG650UCG785UCG1200WB UCG785
L(Tube length)215mm215mm215mm215mm215mm
Package Weight4.0-4.2Kg8.0-8.3Kg10.0-10.5Kg10.5-11.0Kg10.0-10.5Kg