HDPE Coated Steel Wires

HDPE Coated Steel Wires
HDPE Coated Steel Wires
Our “high strength members” solution which consists in applying high adhesion and waterproof HDPE coating to a zinc-coated steel wires to meet your highest strength cable requirements. The maximum steel wire diameter we may coat is 5,0mm and the maximum final coated outer diameter is 15,0mm. By using our HDPE Coated Steel Wires you release your own extrusion capacity and then save time and money. => monthly capacity 3 000km

HDPE Coated Steel Wires Characteristics

Steel Wire SizeCoating DiameterCoating ThicknessSheath Thickness Deviation
2.0mm2.7±0.05mm0.35mmMin. 80%
2.3mm3.5±0.05mm0.60mmMin. 80%
2.6mm5.0±0.10mm1.90mmMin. 80%
2.6mm6.4±0.15mm1.20mmMin. 80%
We can support the production of different sizes according to customer requirements.

Steel Wires Characteristics

Tensile Strengthkg/mm2Min. 100ASTM D 3916
Elongation at Break%Min. 2.5ASTM D 3916
TwistTimesMin. 1000
Amount of Zinc Coatingg/m2Min. 150