Our "best seller" GRP used as central strength member or armouring with diameters from 0,40mm to 4,00mm at 0,10mm units and meter marking every 2 meters for diameters above 1.00mm Read more
Our "bonding" GRP with a 0,05mm EAA thermoplastic Hot melt coating thickness suitable for PE extrusion or direct insertion into your "micro-modules" cables outersheat => monthly capacity 15 000km Read more
Our "hybrid" GRP with high adhesion and waterproof HDPE coating to meet your highest standards. We may provide you with HDPE coated GRP up to 10,00mm outer diameter (meter marking every 5 meters for diameters above 1.0mm). Read more
Our "armouring" GRP used for its lightweight, dielectric and resistant properties to protect your cables against rodents and bullets. Read more
Our "high strength" GRP with a 0,50mm steel wire core and outer diameter up to 3,00mm => monthly capacity 3 000km Read more
Our mixed "reinforcing and protection" solution combining E-glass fibers strength properties with easy use and handling thanks to our polyurethane impregnating. Read more