Month: March 2021


EAA Coated GRP

Our “bonding” GRP with a 0,05mm EAA thermoplastic hot melt coating thickness suitable for PE extrusion or direct insertion into your “micro-modules” cables outersheat => monthly capacity 15 000km

EAA Coated GRP Rods (0,4~4,0mm) Characteristics

AppearanceShall be GoodGood
Diameter Tolerancemmdia. ± 0.05Micrometer
EAA coating Thicknessmm0.05 ± 0.02Micrometer
Specific Gravityg/mm22.0 ~ 2.2ASTM D 792
Tensile StrengthKg/mm2Min. 130ASTM D 3916
Tensile ModulusKg/mm2Min. 5000ASTM D 3916
Elongation at Break%Min 2.5ASTM D 3916
Flexural StrengthKg/mm2Min. 140ASTM D 790
Flexural ModulusKg/mm2Min. 5000ASTM D 790
Coef. of Thermal Expansion/℃Nom. 7*10-6
Minimum Bending Radiusmm25 X Dia
Glass Content%Min. 80

Drum Dimensions

0.4~0.850031625032057855350 Km
0.9~1.2650455401300801304050 km
1.3~1.7800560494400801604050 km
1.8~2.0900560494400801604050 km
2.1~2.21000560480400801604050 km
2.3~4.01100560480400801604050 km*
*Length :
GRP Dia 2.7~3.0mm_37.8 Km
GRP Dia 3.1~3.7mm_25.6 Km
GRP Dia 3.8~4.0mm_12.5 Km